Product Tips

• Before installing the speaker and housing, remove the cooler liner first.

• Install Bluetooth speaker on the speaker housing first, before installing on the PruPak base unit.  Install speaker by putting the bottom of the speaker in the housing first and then wrap the upper attachment brackets around the speaker. Make sure all 4 attachment brackets are securely wrapped around the speaker.

• To install the speaker and housing to the PruPak base unit you need to push from the inside of the base until the vertical piece in the center of the base while at the same time sliding the housing into the slots until they engage.  The housing fits tight at the start so you may have to slightly bend the inside tabs out a bit so they will slide into the slots.  (This will become easier as the plastic flexes a bit).

• Filling the cooler liner – line the base of the cooler with roughly 1 1/2-2″ of ice, then add 6-8 favorite beverages on top. Next add another layer of ice and then more beverages. The liner will hold up to 24 beverages with 20 lbs of ice. This will weight 50 lbs, so plan accordingly. The best scenario is you only need 10 lbs of ice for a whole day plus at the beach.

• The P2 Bluetooth speaker will connect to another P2 audio speaker as well so you can rock 2 at once, just read the speaker instructions in the box as how to connect.